Hanna Marno is an artist who lives and works in the countryside surrounding Somero, Finland. She's alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts with studies from the departments of sculpture and time and space. Her work consists of site-specific narrative installations, environmental art and text. Her narratives involve alienation and commonality of form, people, plants and animals. It all intertwines into the studies, mold makings and castings of different forms and ideas revolving resin. It being the condensed form of existence of beings.  
Hanna Marno
b. 1981 Helsinki / lives and works currently in Somero
Instagram: hannamarno
Contact: marnohanna@gmail.com
2002 Tampere Polytechnic of Art and Design, Media art
2006 Carnegie-Mellon University
2006-2007 Pittsburgh Filmmakers
2003-2008 & 2018-2020 KuVA Academy of Fine Arts, BA
2003 Installation Hämeenpuisto 16B, Tampere FIN
White T-Shirts on Teenage Girls- posters JCDecaux-stands, Tampere FIN
2005 Academy of Fine Arts Summer exhibition, Sture 2 HKI FIN
Kenossa- Gallery Välivuosi, Helsinki HKI FIN
2006 Academy of Fine Arts Summer exhibition Vol.2, Sture 2 HKI FIN
Timelines, Construction Junction, Pittsburgh, PA HKI FIN
2007 A Broken View, Ateljee Bar, Hotel Torni HKI FIN
Art Goes Kapakka- Festival, Corona Bar, HKI FIN
Who’s On Second, Royal Academy of Arts Gallery, London UK
2008 New Works, FAFA-Gallery, Helsinki FIN
Academy of Fine Arts Final show, Tennispalatsi HKI FIN
Lucille Is Here Now- solo exhibition, Kuva Galleria, HKI FIN
2010 Lucille Is Here Now, Movie Theatre Orion, HKI FIN
2011 Hannah Margarita Monroe - 201 N Fairmount street, Pittsburgh PA USA
Yours Forever Coyote, Most Wanted Fine Art Galleria, Pittsburgh PA USA
Pittsburgh Short Film Festival, Harris Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA USA
Most Wanted Fine Art-Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA USA
2013 The New Bohemian Art Gallery, Pittsburgh PA USA
2015 Darkness In a Midwestern Heart- solo exhibition, Oksasenkatu 11, HKI FIN
2015 Crazy Horse of Mary Jane - with Marja Patrikainen; Helsinki Art Fair,
Messukeskus, HKI FIN
2016 Horse Poem No. 5, Fine Art on Vaasankatu III/ Kallio Sunset Boulevard, HKI FIN
2017 Horse Quarry, Galleria Rankka, HKI, FIN
Grey Heron with Ella Tahkolahti; ID:I galleri, Stockholm SWE
2018 Horse Poem No.2, Vantaa, FIN
Sublime and Repress; Enia- gallery, Athens GR
Qi Lin, Lohja, FIN
2019 Outo tila/ Skumt, FIN
ID:I galleri, SWE                                                                                                                2020 Site-specific work Luumänkeri at Pieksämäki Vedenjakaja-reitistö FIN                                Site-specific work Other, Color, Movement in Somero FIN                                                Ancient showgirl at Quantum Critic, Myymälä 2 gallery, Helsinki FIN                                          Light blue agate horses at Kontula Electronic, Helsinki FIN                     
2010-12 Mattress Factory Art Museum, Museum educator, Pittsburgh, PA
2012 The New Bohemian Art Gallery, Pittsburgh PA - founding member
2014- Oksasenkatu 11 gallery - member
2020 Lasten tiedekoulu (science school for children), teacher                                                   Somero-opisto, teacher                                                              
2008 Kesko Grant/ Academy of Fine Arts
2014 Kone Foundation Rohkea Avaus - grant
2017 Kulturfonden 1-year work grant
2019 Frame travel grant
2020 Finnish cultural foundation work grant                                                                       2020 Svenska Kulturfonden 1-year work grant
2021 Rosaluxe Gallery, Berlin

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